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“Astonishing, Riveting” by Chris Hewitt Thrills Despite Copy/Paste Flaws

In response to Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)’s 512‑word review of Gravity on St. Paul Pioneer Press

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Luminous perspectives and a fresh appearance highlight the latest soothing work from Chris Hewitt, “Gravity review: Astonish, riveting and breathtaking.”

Astonishing, riveting knows how to work an audience. The brief opening statement is not only intriguing, but heart-breaking. One will immediately be curious and closely examine the piece of work in search of a personal connection.

The calming effect of Hewitt’s fluid writing contrasts the intensity of the plot, and the critic manages to create the perfect reading setting for his fans. The attention shown to director Alfonso Cuaron will please readers who are interested in the finer aspects of filmmaking.

Astonish, riveting is strengthened by the focus on the lead character. Although a complete analysis is not offered by Hewitt, one will feel enlightened by the comparison to a past cinema classic.

Despite the tight writing and construction of Astonishing, riveting, one will be disappointed by the poor proofreading of Chris Hewitt. There is glaring copy and paste flaw that one will find confusing, and unfortunately distracts from the beauty of the piece.

Astonishing, riveting has a tranquil pace, superb writing and storytelling that is campfire material. One will be pleased by the performance of Hewitt, even with the frightening copy and past error.    

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