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Joanna Langfield Offers Quick and Dirty Take in “Nebraska”

In response to Joanna Langfield’s 316‑word review of Nebraska on The Movie Minute

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Joanna Langfield gives a snappy assessment of the new Alexander Payne dramedy in “Nebraska” for the aptly named The Movie Minute (it will literally take 60 seconds to read).

Under normal circumstances, a review of this minuscule stature would arouse ire and speak to the laziness of the critic, but The Movie Minute bills itself as a site offering quick, get in and get out critiques for the masses, and Langfield succeeds admirably in that respect.

She understands the shortened format and makes use of her space fairly well, opening with a revealing lead-in, moving to a tight synopsis and leaving the second half of her piece to deliver a surprisingly sturdy evaluation. The film has an “ American Gothic vibe” and “screenwriter Bob Nelson packs in a lot over a short few days.” The actors are given kudos and the cinematography is sufficiently lauded, but then the review’s length starts to become an issue.

There’s just not enough space to touch on all the aspects of the film and, as a result, the review’s points feel rushed and will leave readers craving more substance.

Still, if all you need is a gentle push in either direction, Schaefer’s piece will meet the basic requirements.    

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