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Dann Gire Has All the Right Stuff in “Survival Thriller”

In response to Dann Gire’s 633‑word review of Gravity on Daily Herald (IL)

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Dann Gire has almost all the right stuff in his latest creative crafting “Cinematically engaging Gravity an immersive survival thriller.” The critic is lacking a strong visual game that may disappoint a few.

Survival Thriller is not the prettiest of reviews, but it’s not an all-out beast to look at. Gire offers two tiny images, and one might not even recognize the mini-slideshow.

Some may be intimidated by the strong opening statements of Gire in Survival Thriller. The critic’s words are direct with the viewer, and sets the tone with the noting of anxiety disorders as “claustrophobia” and “agoraphobia.”

Gire’s writing is crisp and eclectic as he explores all boundaries of the review. Audiences will be pleased with the free-flowing movement of the prose, and be highly entertained by the dynamic phrasing used to describe the achievements of director Alfonso Cuaron.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Survival Thriller is the attention shown to the performance of Sandra Bullock. Gire searches for truth not only for himself, but also for  the reader, even if he’s not sure that he will find deeper meaning. That is a brave move indeed. Locals will be pleased to learn of the Illinois connection.

Survival Thriller is not Hall of Fame material, but is certainly a piece of work that Gire should be proud of.    

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