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Craig Skinner’s “Nebraska Review” Is Grammatically Deficient

In response to Craig Skinner’s 665‑word review of Nebraska on HeyUGuys

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The review by Craig Skinner titled “Cannes 2013: Nebraska Review” is devoid of grammatical coherence. The first sentence sets the stage for the variety show of grammatical errors.

First on stage, the disappearing commas. Several sentences contain them where they are needed, only to have them consistently vanish in between separate thoughts in a sentence. This makes for a very long, run-on act.

On deck, the cringe-worthy act of movie titles without quotations or being italicized. The rule of capitalization is in place, but falls short in not giving rhetoric respect when due.

Blame the writing style or the font, but this grammar talent show clearly had a lack of grammatical assistance.

The overall quality of writing, once readers can push their way past the missing visual cues, is decently formulated. Skinner’s thought process makes the review easy to follow and solidifies all his arguments with sufficient evidence.

The style of writing is really nothing dazzling. Nebraska Review gives readers the necessary information to dive into the film with minimal foundation. At times however, the ads on both sides of the review prove more entertaining than the review itself. With promoted spoofs on “The Starving Games” who could focus on anything else?   

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