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Nell Minow’s Lively “The Wolf of Wall Street” Warns and Entertains

In response to Nell Minow’s 1160‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Beliefnet

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Nell Minow takes a parent’s viewpoint in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Considering that the title of her regular column is “Movie Mom. A parent’s eye on media, culture, and values,” clearly her job is to make sure what parents can expect from this film before letting their kids (or not letting their kids) see it. It might explain why the majority of the review is not film analysis so much as a description of what happens in the film. However, credit Minow for doing so while being entertaining as well.

Before she has written a word, parents are warned about the film’s excessive nudity, drug use, profanity, etc, in a handy dandy outline. After reading it, many in her potential audience may not bother to read further. And, really, that’s a shame, because this critic has written a lively piece that has its own jaunty charm.   

Minow is never judgmental about the film’s subject matter. She just lays it out there for parents to decide. But that’s not to say she doesn’t include some honest analysis either. She has more than enough positive comments for the performances of the actors and the job the director does, going so far as to say they make all the decadence “look like so much fun.” Perhaps that serves as a warning to parents as well.

Even if you don’t have a teen asking you if he or she can see this film, it would be worth your while to read Minow’s The Wolf of Wall Street. This piece is a real treat.     

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