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“Artful Side” by Lou Lumenick Offers Commercial Appeal but Thin Insight

In response to Lou Lumenick’s 619‑word review of Gravity on New York Post

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Lou Lumenick’s excitement is felt in “Gravity shows of Hollywood’s artful side”, the amiable review that, while well-meaning, ends up feeling rushed and misguided.

Artful Side‘s appearance is pleasing, despite a couple pop-up mishaps. The visuals may be too distracting for some, but others will appreciate a glorious picture to start things off along with a video at the end which provides a nice dose of closure.

Artful Side has the feel of a commercial offering to a mass public, rather than an introspective look at the film. The words of Lumenick are touching at moments, especially at the close, however the general content is laced with references to other films not related to the past history of cast or crew.

The writing of Artful Side moves along effortlessly, and a rich reading experience awaits the reader. The problem, however,  is the lack of cinematic air to help one breathe. The common reader may feel left alone in review space while surround by reference debris. This is indeed a terrifying concept to think about.

The style of Artful Side is intriguing and personal, but sadly one will not feel any smarter after reading Artful Side. The care for Lumenick’s core audience is admirable, however the review lacks focus and detail that is essential to ignite the fire of the human mind.    

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