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Chris Hewitt’s “‘Ender’s Game’ Review” Mollifies the Darned Audience

In response to Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)’s 536‑word review of Ender’s Game on St. Paul Pioneer Press

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Chris Hewitt’s “‘Ender’s Game’ review: Carrying whole film not a heavy load for gifted young actor” is a strange review that attempts to pacify very different reading audiences with ill-flowing tonal shifts.

At first, Hewitt writes with a down-home sort of style that reads clumsily in places, then he stumbles into the language of 5th grade poetry. Surprisingly, Hewitt shifts his style again by expressing sustained, intelligent thought, information, and insight for a paragraph or two, but unfortunately, he finds it necessary to be too darned likable again to ever connect the reader to his writing voice or point of view.

Hewitt blows the reader away with grievous originality—there’s a “Honey Boo Boo” meets “Sociology 101” quality to Not a Heavy Load—that is confusing and utterly non-engaging. Just when Hewitt opens his heart and mind to original content production, he disfavors the arrival method and overthrows any conveyance of organic quality.

The net effect of all that lack of attention to detail is an Ender’s Game review that is barely worth reading, as though Hewitt was a victim of giant bugs who sucked at his writing ability and critical thinking skills. Not a Heavy Load takes place inside a mind that is likely to feel alien to all audiences, precisely because Hewitt tries too hard to mollify everyone—or perhaps just the voices in his head.    

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