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It’s Amateur Hour in Louise Keller’s “Thor”

In response to Louise Keller’s 854‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Urban Cinefile

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Louise Keller, the Urban Cinefile, teams up with Andrew L. Urban to bring you two reviews for the price of one with “Thor: The Dark World 3D.” But don’t get too excited; it may not be the great value you were expecting. Keller and Urban give their two takes, but neither one is particularly exceptional.

In fact, they are both particularly lousy.

The pair’s writing is all thumbs; they bumble through muddled passage after muddled passage without any real direction and their criticisms alternate between kiddie pool shallow to completely nonsensical like this doozy: “Dark Elves, whose pallid complexion and stark features contradict their obsession for darkness…” Huh?

It’s not unlike being cornered by an uncle at a family get-together who just has to tell you about this neat new movie he saw that he is frighteningly positive you’ll love. You know he can’t be trusted (and you know the film must be horrible), but you smile politely and nod, looking desperately for an out.

Keller and Urban are one notch above your uncle on the credibility scale if only because they’ve obviously read some film reviews before (this is readily apparent based on all the buzz words that haphazardly litter their critique). They seem to think using jargon, along with some college words, will smooth over the fact that they have nary a cogent point or semblance of organization to their thoughts.    

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