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Jeffrey Overstreet Overstates His Case in “Bad Space Walk”

In response to Jeffrey Overstreet’s 3367‑word review of Gravity on Looking Closer

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Jeffrey Overstreet is overbearing and self-indulgent in his latest work, “Gravity (2013), or Dr. Stone and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Space Walk.”

One has to tip their cap to the critic for his lengthy creation, but unfortunately it feels like less of a “review”, and more like being beaten over the head over and over again. The critic offers intriguing quotes and original ideas, but ultimately the work feels misguided.  

Bad Space Walk has the air of someone who was irritated by an early scene in the film, and couldn’t let it go.  

There is a long, rambling commentary about negative feedback Overstreet has received before Bad Space Walk even begins. Rather than simply addressing the criticism and moving on, Overstreet can’t let it go. The same happens in the actual text of Bad Space Walk.

In fact, there is a second lengthy diatribe at the beginning of the review before the critic even tackles the film. Some may be impressed by the beefy introduction, but an opening statement on “Gravity” would have been helpful before transitioning into the modern state of special effects.

Jeffrey Overstreet writes with extreme passion in Bad Space Walk, however some may see the critic as being far too sensitive about the cinematic experience, especially when the focus is on effects, and not human drama.

Bad Space Walk begins as an interesting take on things blowing up in films, but Overstreet slowly applies it to all ninety minutes of the film.

In the end, one will respect the critic’s effort, however the rant may remind some readers of the roommate who gets angry about the lights being left on, and just won’t let it go.  Bad Space Walk will probably go on to be more memorable for its controversy than its content.    

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