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Ed Whitfield Is a Big Talker in “Review Escape” but Can’t Back It Up

In response to Ed Whitfield’s 480‑word review of Escape Plan on The Ooh Tray

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Ed Whitfield shows all the potential in the world to break out of review cliches in “Film Review: Escape Plan”, but sadly decides to stay in the dark and horrible prison with analysis as a cellmate.

Review: Escape begins with those horrific and unimaginative words that seem to be found in almost every Escape Plan review: “Twenty-five years ago. .” Whitfield clings on to the age factor of the lead actors, and one can only hope the critic will be able back up the talk with a thorough analysis. The end result is shocking.

By the second paragraph, Whitfield is still milking the “old” theme, and one will patiently await for words that are original or interesting. The reader has likely heard of the two main actors, and the critic seems unaware of the audience’s needs.

Whitfield offers up the backstory of Stallone’s character in the plot summary of Review: Escape. Although the critic may feel the plot device is unimportant, it certainly has not been revealed in the majority of reviews.

Review: Escape offers little analysis for the reader, but rather describes the film with snark and 80s references. Schwarzenegger is barely mentioned after the opening sentence, and there is disturbing lack of character analysis in the review.

Ed Whitfield may receive a few laughs from Review: Escape, but perhaps not the kind he was looking for.    

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