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Kevin Carr’s Fan Boy Vision Loses Sight of Direction in “Dark World”

In response to Kevin Carr’s 533‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on 7M Pictures

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Kevin Carr historically likes to add a personal touch to his work, and his latest piece, “Thor: The Dark World Movie Review,” is no different. The critic acknowledges his comic book past, but like so many fan boys, Carr’s vision is limited by technicalities.

One of the essentials of film criticism is to acknowledge the director of a film, which Carr fails to do in Dark World (except in the opening credits). It’s not necessarily important to devote a lengthy section to Alan Taylor, however the absence is startling. One learns little about the realm of Asgard in Carr’s work, and certainly nothing about the director himself.

Carr makes fair points in Dark World, but he continuously uses one or two sentences to address plot devices rather than expanding on his argument. It’s difficult for the reader to get a feel for the film, or to truly understand what the critic is attempting to convey which such brief doses of analysis.

Dark World leans toward a comparison with the original, as opposed to critiquing the film as a stand alone. Carr offers nothing of value in regard to Thor, and seems to expect that everyone is familiar with the character. Loki fares better, but the critic barely touches the surface as to his importance to the film. Marvel nerds will be devastated.

Dark World is not bad, however Kevin Carr doesn’t make much of an argument.    

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