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Guy Lodge’s “Doesn’t Hit Home” Stands True for Both Film and Review

In response to Guy Lodge’s 555‑word review of Nebraska on HitFix

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Guy Lodge’s “Cannes Review: Alexander Payne goes home, but doesn’t hit home, in ‘Nebraska’” is littered with distraction.

Doesn’t Hit Home really has to fight to keep readers attention with drop down menus, ads on every side and in-between the review, pop ups every couple seconds blocking the review itself, and other pictures within the review with links to different films. Scrolling down the page, readers will then be attacked with subscription sign ups, sliding out from the side of the page. Getting through this review is an act of perseverance.

Following the wrap text around all the clutter, readers find a review with simple material. Lodge meanders through his opinion, using strong language intermittently, passive voice in other places, with a pace that can only be described as a slog.

The problem with the seemingly slow movement of Doesn’t Hit Home is the lack of an arc in this piece. How Doesn’t Hit Home begins is incredibly different than how the work ends. The review is a journey, wherein the main opinions that started the quest died along the way and were replaced unknowingly to conclude the story.

The writing style is strong, but everything else is a cluttered mess, from the presentation to the review structure itself. Do yourself a favor and keep a safe distance from it.     

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