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William Bibbiani’s “Second Opinion: Prisoners” Masquerades as Opinion

In response to William Bibbiani’s 710‑word review of Prisoners on CraveOnline

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William Bibbiani’s “Second Opinion: Prisoners” is a quixotic attempt at analysis that ultimately brings nothing new to the table for potential movie watchers.

Be forewarned: upon arrival at the review page, even the best of computers will momentarily freeze before the website shoves a full-page pop-up advertisement into the reader’s face.

It’s clear from the first sentence that someone forgot (or doesn’t know how) to edit, and the second sentence doesn’t get any better. Basic grammar mistakes riddle the review throughout, and Bibbiani milks and misuses language worse than a second-grader with a bad English teacher.

With incomprehensible style, Bibbiani goes on to bash the film for variously irrelevant things, yet later praises how clever and cohesive the script is, making his lack of solid opinion quite glaring. His critical description of Gyllenhaal as an unbelievably rough character contradicts the picture shown at the beginning of the review, as well as by Bibbiani’s claims at the end of the review.

Bibbiani bloats his careless descriptions and unwisely-chosen words to be a review that claims opinion, but  this reviewer doesn’t know how to communicate opinion at all. It’s obvious that he suffers from some kind of inferiority complex, and the reader suffers in kind.     

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