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Simon Miraudo’s “I Am a God” Smothers With Glorious Images

In response to Simon Miraudo’s 598‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Quickflix

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“I can’t breathe! I’m smothered by glorious images!”

Simon Miraudo’s latest work, “I am a God—Thor: The Dark World review” looks like it will be an epic review, but the tiny amount of critique is more than disappointing. It’s mega-disappointing. The extravagant visuals override the content, and the work looks more like a Facebook album.

The writing of Simon Miraudo in I am a God is excellent. Why couldn’t he devote more time to a thorough critique? Thor nerds will be devastated, but at least the critic knows how to please with imagery. Perhaps there is a hidden code known only to a select few.

The five paragraphs that Miraudo produces in are quite good, specifically the introduction. The Star Wars comparison may be too much pressure to put on the franchise, but overall, the open is entertaining.

I am a God will please with its examination of brotherly love and the new and improved Asgard, but the review seems to be missing something. It’s well written, and Miraudo is clearly a great Thor mind, but it’s too bad that he couldn’t offer more to his audience.

I am a God is a terrific read, but it isn’t much of a film review.    

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