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Ben Child’s “Thor: The Dark World—First Look” Yearns for a Bygone Era

In response to Ben Child’s 520‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Guardian [UK]

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Nostalgia can be a real bummer. Yearning for a past that can never be regained is an exercise in futility. Yet it is an exercise that Ben Child engages head-on in “Thor: The Dark World—first look review.”

The result of Child’s nostalgia is that he ends up talking almost as much about the first Thor movie as he does about Thor: The Dark World (which is the one he’s supposed to be reviewing). An entire paragraph is given over to describing Child’s favorite scenes from the first film.

With the review being only 520 words long, that’s a lot of space to dedicate to essentially reviewing the wrong movie. Yes, the sequel does draw on its predecessor and many who saw the first film will wonder how the second stacks up to it. But Child could have done that a lot more efficiently than he did.

Chances are pretty good there will be a third Thor movie at some point in the future, and let’s just hope that by then Child is over his nostalgia kick and can focus on the task at hand. Thor: The Dark World—first look had real potential, but that potential was squandered on backward thinking.    

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