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Walter Chaw’s “The Counselor” Needs an Editor and a Hug

In response to Walter Chaw’s 1483‑word review of The Counselor on Film Freak Central

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Walter Chaw’s “The Counselor” is a joyless procession that most are likely not likely to finish. In the end, the review manages to be as hard on the reader as it claims the film will be on its viewers.

Somebody grab a bow and arrow, because Walter Chaw seems to have swallowed too much hot air, and he is drifting ever so closely to ye olde ivory tower. In a film review that is 22% Cormac Mccarthy bibliography one should probably suspect at least a bit of grandstanding, but the amount of pretension in this  write up is frightful even for October.

By the midpoint of this spoiler heavy critique you will have either given up or mutter something along the lines of some people just can’t be pleased. Sounding less like a critic and more like a cross between your film theory professor and your grandmother, Chaw’s review just reeks of a joyless man tearing down a few other movies as well as books by the screenwriter. Sure the writing is decent but to stomach 1483 words of negativity most will likely decline the offer.

Speaking of spoilers there are parts of this review that read more like a script; giving specific details and a scene by scene of the happenings that go on in this ensemble piece. The heavy handedness on the part of the critic is bit presumptuous and obnoxious, because it in fact assumes that the audience is going to take the word of the critic as law, and not go see the movie based on his recommendation alone.

There is nothing here but a wasteland of words and dried-up joy. The only reason to read this review is to see the effect of what watching far too many movies can do to a person’s psyche.    

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