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Lori Hoffman Transforms to “The Hoff” Persona in “War Games”

In response to Lori Hoffman’s 460‑word review of Ender’s Game on Atlantic City Weekly

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Lori Hoffman is making leaps and bounds in the review game with her latest artistic endeavor “War Games.” Hoffman has struggled hard at times over the past few months, but appears to be back on track with a commitment to critique. One may be inclined to address the critic as “The Hoff” due to the new style.

Hoffman gets all heavy with the reader by serving up a biblical passage at the beginning of War Games. It’s a fantastic move, and she transitions with ease into the plot summary. One may become concerned that the entire piece will consist of Hoffman describing the film, but she surprises with a page two clicker that offers the audience more critique. Stay focused, reader, because The Hoff is only getting started.

Emotion is a primary concern of Hoffman in War Games, and her statements are heavy and moving. The critic poses questions to the reader, and one may imagine The Hoff screaming out from the highest mountain with thoughts of war and youth. Enya’s “Only Time” is recommended as a musical companion piece, and readers might even experience a slight out-of-body experience.

Hoffman’s analysis of the cast in War Games is actually quite weak, but the new and improved style of The Hoff makes the reading pleasurable. Gone are the days when paragraphs of strange backstories would end the review, and the critic has managed to find a way to close out with style and grace. Hoffman’s fans must be excited to see what comes in 2014.

War Games is far from essential reading, however Lori Hoffman produces a decent review. The Hoff can go a long way with just a little more effort.    

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