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Andrew O’Hehir Succeeds With “Saves the Day” Despite Thin Critique

In response to Andrew O'Hehir’s 1168‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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Dive into the world of Marvel blockbusters. Andrew O’Hehir has prepared a special literary treat with “Thor: The Dark World: Loki saves the day.” The work is a dynamic reading experience that explores the various realms of the franchise, but is not without its flaws.

Saves The Day is a tale of two hammers. In the vast and lengthy opening paragraphs, O’Hehir explores the production system of Marvel, and dreams of a day when a superhero flicks will transcend the genre with larger ideas. Until then, Thor devotees may be trapped in a prison of mediocrity and one surely wishes that upon nobody. O’Hehir writes with a beautiful keystroke and his vision is glorious.

The second half of Saves The Day is unfortunately less than stellar. O’Hehir delivers several paragraphs of summary followed by “I can’t say much about the actors and, really, what difference does it make?” One can’t become entirely upset with the critic because the first half is spectacular, but concluding the work with three paragraphs of summary will bring sorrow to many Thor-heads.

Overall, Saves The Day is an entertaining read, but those seeking to quench their thirst for Thor analysis will be slightly disappointed. O’Hehir may be at his best with the middle paragraph on director Alan Taylor. The critic states what he enjoyed about the film, but also explains how the negatives cancelled out the positives. Unfortunately, he keeps the rest of his analysis locked up like so many Lokis.

The negatives of Saves The Day certainly don’t override the positives, but O’Hehir could have taken his review to the next level with hard-hitting critique.    

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