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John Hanlon REVIEW: ‘Thor’ Sequel Is a Feel-Good Comic Book Film

In response to John Hanlon’s 202‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on John Hanlon Reviews

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John Hanlon’s review of Thor: The Dark World embodies the same feel-good effect of the movie itself. A review that is surprisingly positive considering most comic book movie sequels are fair game in terms of criticism, Hanlon’s words are as entertaining as the movie probably is.  

His biggest critique concerns the film’s villain, who actually isn’t Loki (Tom Hiddleston) this time ‘round. Hanlon’s thoughts on Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) mainly focus on how underdeveloped the character is. Dude is evil, and hides in the galaxy’s “shadows” waiting to attack Thor and co. , but the why just isn’t there, according to Hanlon.  

What Hanlon does appreciate is character banter, particularly between Thor and Loki. He also takes the time to touch on a few main character deaths, but in no way suggests who it is that bites it. An effective technique in terms of getting peeps to see the film, this is especially interesting as the movie is a sequel and people are already invested in these characters. The desire to know which main characters get killed till they die from it may be enough to spur movie-goers into buying tickets.

Whether that was Hanlon’s plan or no, it certainly piques viewer interest.     

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