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Carla Meyer’s “Best Advice” Is on Another Level. Caution: HOT

In response to Carla Meyer’s 925‑word review of The Counselor on Sacramento Bee

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Carla Meyer steps up her game and delivers perhaps one of the best reviews for The Counselor yet.  Her latest creation, “Movie review: Best advice for The Counselor—skip it,” is simply on another level. There is style, humor and most importantly—substance. Some may call this “The Meyer Trifecta,” and curious readers will surely Google their heads off this weekend in an attempt to figure out the critic’s formula.

Best Advice opens with a clear statement that conveys the essential themes of the film. One may wish for more information, and they will certainly get it. The crisp open will likely be all the talk of the Sacremento, and Meyer might even begin to trend on Twitter.

Carla Meyer refuses to bore the reader in Best Advice, and gets right to business with tight writing and paragraphs that seem to convey loads of information in just a few sentences. Audiences will marvel at the technique. The writing is on-point, and it’s clear that Meyer could make anything interesting with her prose.

Best Advice is a huge success because it communicates the essentials, and expands with accessible but smart writing. One can offer the reader information with a lengthy review, but Meyer’s style is so unbelievably unique and piercing. The critic lets the audience know who the main players are, but also what they mean to the film. There is a subtle snark in the words of the critic, but it’s quiet enough to let one reflect on the information and opinions.

Best Advice is an unforgettable read and the work of a true master. Carla Meyer’s audience will be proud and also enlightened.    

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