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Chris Nashawaty Chooses Simple Snark Over Critique in “The Counselor”

In response to Chris Nashawaty’s 513‑word review of The Counselor on Entertainment Weekly,,20483133_20721946,00.html

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Reminder: When a critic doesn’t enjoy a film, it’s not a free pass to abandon analysis and critique. Chris Nashawaty is clearly upset in his latest work, “The Counselor Movie Review,” and feels that it is acceptable to the reader for him to glide over details without expanding on the film as a whole as a result.

The opening statement of Counselor Movie is strong, and will make one believe that they have found a review that will be poignant and memorable. Unfortunately, the critic moves on to vague, snarky statements which could potentially backfire and lead the reader to another review, rather than being informative.

Who exactly are the characters in the film? Counselor Movie refuses to offer a glimpse into the main players that Nashawaty so strongly condemns. The critic feels obliged to mention the leads by name, and offer a catchy description. That is simply not enough to keep most readers entertained and engaged.

Counselor Movie is one of those reviews that will surprise, and even please the reader, when a thin amount of critique appears. One should not find analysis immediately pleasing—it should be expected from a critique. There is nothing to learn about the film’s performances in Counselor Movie, or what the lead character is all about.

Counselor Movie covers the basics, and uses disappointment as an excuse for the lack of analysis.    

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