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Perry Seibert’s “Counselor: Review” Is an Explosion of Knowledge

In response to Perry Seibert’s 643‑word review of The Counselor on TV Guide's Movie Guide

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Perry Seibert has written a quiet gem of a review with his most recent piece of art “The Counselor: Review.” One will find that the work is intellectual and thought-provoking, although the humor could definitely be improved. Seibert delivers a solid performance on all fronts.

Counselor: Review opens with a smart introductory paragraph on the collaboration of director Ridley Scott and screenwriter Cormac McCarthy, and readers will be intrigued by what Seibert has to say.

The critic uses three uneventful paragraphs for plot summary, and then moves on with four beefy paragraphs of analysis that will help the audience understand the key components of the film, and possibly become a little smarter. Seibert is a wordsmith, and his subtle crafting is soothing yet ferocious with insight.

Counselor: Review is packed with character analysis that makes the work complete. Audiences should be grateful for the care put into the review, such as the exquisite look into Scott’s direction and how the characters fit into film.

Seibert’s metaphors are poignant and help transcend the work to a higher level. The critic has the classic “it” factor, and his knowledge knows no boundaries. It’s fascinating to think about what Seibert can accomplish in the future.

Counselor: Review is the real deal. Although the work is not legendary, it is essential reading.    

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