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Rich Cline’s “The Counselor Movie Review” Is a Quick Jab to the Throat

In response to Rich Cline’s 356‑word review of The Counselor on

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In a time when film reviews have become progressively longer and flashier and it seems sometimes like little is left on the cutting room floor, it’s nice to see an occasional reminder that a review can be short and sweet and still get the job done. That is certainly the case with Rich Cline’s “The Counselor Movie Review,” which at 356 words says more than many reviews over twice as long.

Whereas in many hands such minimalism might come across as laziness, it never seems that way here. Instead, Cline performs an almost brutally efficient evisceration of The Counselor. It never gets messy and it never comes across as sadistic. Rather, Cline’s work is akin to that of an expert executioner who wants more than anything to get the job done, go home to his wife, and put the day behind him.

Cline’s efficiency gives him an air of authority as well. His review never comes across as petty or mean-spirited, which makes it all the more believable. Rather than having to worry about Cline having a bias against the film, readers are free to focus on the criticisms he levels against The Counselor.

Perhaps if more film reviews were this short and sweet, audiences would be inclined to read more of them. That would certainly be good for the film review industry, and good for readers as well. Not that all reviewers should feel inclined to follow Cline’s lead, but with “The Counselor Movie Review” he has carved a nice niche for himself.    

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