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Ed Whitfield’s “Catching Fire” Tries to Stamp Out the Blaze

In response to Ed Whitfield’s 554‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on The Ooh Tray

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Add Ed Whitfiled’s name to the growing list of critics who are offering contrarian views on the latest Hunger Games film. “Film Review: The Hunger Games – Catching Fire,” finds the critic as wonderfully outraged as ever, this time at the mere thought of having to endure another young adult adventure movie.

Whitfield has an impassioned readership at the Ooh Tray, and often the comments section is more interesting than the review itself. He chooses to engage these readers (who seem to be predominantly moronic fanboys) and hilarity ensues. He’s like a curmudgeonly, put-upon Grandpa whose grandkids just won’t leave him alone.

On to the review. The prose has enough clarity to bring his frank and unapologetic style to fruition in very satisfying ways and Whitfield feels completely at home in his role as party pooper. Also, any review that uses the word “cock-a-hoop” correctly in a sentence deserves some kind of recognition.

The critique suffers a bit though. In all his ranting about the direction and Hollywood’s ineptitude, Whitfield neglects to discuss the actor’s performances, the production design, or the cinematography in any meaningful way.

Tirades are fun, but you’ve got to make sure your bases are covered before you begin the rampage. Sadly, Whitfield hasn’t done so here.    

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