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Persistence Pays Off in Blake Howard’s “REVIEW: The Counselor…”

In response to Blake Howard’s 808‑word review of The Counselor on 2UE That Movie Show

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Blake Howard finds himself in a seemingly no-win situation in his latest work, “REVIEW: The Counselor (Ridley Scott – 2013).” But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Indeed the author finds that way, and proves the impossible is very possible with enough ingenuity and hard work.

Howard rages relentlessly against majority consensus with a unique view, and somehow succeeds in overcoming it. His impression of the source material may not be shared, particularly by his peers, but it will garner enough respect to make it worth acknowledging. It may even cause some to rethink their assessment in the process.

As he formulates his argument, the author gives the subject a textual make-over in the process. He illustrates it in a way that makes it much more orderly than it would appear at first glance. His words fill in blanks about plot continuity, character motives and even the creator’s intentions as convincingly as a master detective debriefing his clients. Along the way, he provides an engrossing tale, packed to the brim with intrigue and drama—all while remaining concise and unapologetic in his deliberation.

One need not agree with the final product’s verdict, but one cannot help but appreciate how Howard derives it. Neither can one deny his unwavering resolve, particularly when facing seemingly insurmountable odds. Heroes are born in such situations, and indeed the cape suits him well.    

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