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SnoozeFest 2013 Kicks Off With “Ender’s Beginning” by Bruce Kirkland

In response to Bruce Kirkland’s 521‑word review of Ender’s Game on Jam! Movies

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Snooze. Bruce Kirkland’s latest, “Great beginning to Ender’s Game” is boring, lacks opinion and features writing that is not only uninspired but could use a spell-check. How does the critic feel about the film? Please see the title, because there is little in the content to help guide the audience other than cryptic statements. The review feels like Kirkland wrote it in his sleep, and fell on “submit.”

The writing of Ender’s Beginning is choppy, and Kirkland fails to push himself beyond the essentials. The opening commentary is a nice start, but the critic never looks past basic plot points. Captain Obvious has taken over control of this review.

Great Beginning is ultimately a plot description featuring statements such as “Expect to see a sequel if the box office is good to great” and “As a movie, Ender’s Game is intense and violent, although not bloody.” Kirkland has no sense of what the general reader needs, and covering only the basics is simply not enough. The overall lack of content in a review is always disappointing, regardless of genre. It’s up to the critic to do more than just work off a checklist.

Great Beginning is a weak effort and flat-out boring.    

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