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Jason Zingale Is Muhummad Ali Sans KO Talent in “Movie Review”

In response to Jason Zingale’s 641‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Jason Zingale has written a review that is neither horrible nor great. In fact, it’s in quite a scary place—the land of mediocrity. The critic sticks to the concept of critique in “Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” but doesn’t offer enough to get one excited about the review. Zingale makes a statement, then moves on…oh look, there is another statement, but the critic keeps bobbing and weaving like a Muhummad Ali of film criticism sans knockout talent.

The major problem of Movie Review is the absence of Jennifer Lawrence. Zingale offers almost nothing to the poor readers about the performance of the actress, and seems to have been affected by too much J-Law mania. It’s becoming quite common for critics to take the lead performance for granted as if Jennifer Lawrence is some robot that is just plopped down onto the set. Where is the critique?

Zingale makes it clear that the sequel is bigger and better but shows a troubling inability to dig deep and offer the reader something of value about the plot or direction.  To be clear—solid statements are made Zingale but he never expands.

Movie Review does enough to get by, but doesn’t show a true commitment to the craft of film criticism.    

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