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Ty Burr’s “‘Gravity Is a Ride, Like Space Mountain” Is a Multi-Faceted Review

In response to Ty Burr’s 177‑word review of Gravity on Boston Globe

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“‘Gravity’ is a ride, like Space Mountain” by Ty Burr is an attack on all media fronts.  Upon opening the page, the audience will be confronted with several different choices, it’s a choose your own adventure story in the least exciting way.

A video screen immediately starts playing several ads, and the question to its relevancy immediately comes to mind. For those who prefer to read in silence, the option is, sadly, not provided.

Scrolling down while the videos drone on, the reader will find a wonderfully written review, only to have their hopes crushed once again. Realizing that in order to read the entire review they will have to subscribe to the newspaper. All but the most affluent readers will dejectedly begin to navigate away from the page and on to another review that can be read in its entirety.

Just as all hope is lost, the ads stop. And who should appear but Mr. Ty Burr himself with a female guest. Both reviewers launch into their opinion of the film, giving rapid fire critiques in just a short two minute overview.

While they speak, scenes from the film are played making for an interesting and interactive type of a review. The presentation seems curious, with both a written section and a video but both are well organized, at least the portions that The Boston Globe is willing to let the uninitiated participate in (could it be that the rest of Mr. Burr’s review is atrocious? Is this a case of a shame paywall.)

The question as to why are two forms of a review necessary lingers in the wake of an informative review. If any Globe subscribers are reading, please let everyone know how it ends in the comments below. Thanks.     

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