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Frank Swietek Is an O. G. of Gentlemanliness in “Dark World”

In response to Frank Swietek’s 1145‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on One Guy's Opinion

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Ol’ Frank Swietek. One has to appreciate a critic who has a rather boring web page, but delivers with sweet, Swietek critique. Yes, you are getting classic black text over white background in “Thor: The Dark World,” and there won’t be an image of the mighty Marvel lead, but the crafty critic knows to bring the literary heat.

Don’t be frightened by the eight monster paragraphs of Dark World. Swietek won’t bore you, and he certainly is fair. In the opening paragraphs, the critic dishes out some context and slowly preps the reader for the F. S. Express Train of Thought. It’s a lengthy ride and tickets are free.

One has to be touched by the way Frank Swietek covers each of the main characters in Dark World. He leaves no one behind, including the reader, and is a true leader of the keystroke. His commentary is funny and words such as “gobbledygook” will surely make one chuckle until it hurts.

 Swietek gets it, and he understands what the reader desires in Dark World. The critic covers the direction of Alan Taylor with care, and points out small details that aren’t found in typical reviews. Swietek is a true artist and even gives nods to the production team. It’s easy to see that the critic has an intense devotion to film as it shows in his work.

Dark World is a must-read, and one must note Frank Swietek as being one of the modern gentlemen of critique.    

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