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A. A. Dowd’s “Gravity” Is an Intellectually-Pleasing Masterpiece

In response to A.A. Dowd’s 641‑word review of Gravity on AV Club,103653/

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A. A. Dowd’s “Gravity” bobs and weaves through the various aspects of Gravity with an extraterrestrial weightlessness, all the while guiding the reader to the film’s triumphs and pitfalls.

What is most enjoyable about the reading experience is how Dowd’s Gravity is gently sparkled with relevant wordplay.

In describing the movie’s dialogue, Dowd’s piece draws parallels between the viewer’s experience and character’s ordeal as both yearn for a “great hush.” This vicariously puts readers in the theater, a feat that every review should strive for.

Dowd’s Gravity floats from one facet of the film to the next grounding the reader in solid reasoning for any opinions offered. Included in the analysis is even a clear argument for how the reader should physically experience the movie.

The details of the plot get a little too heavy at times, which is perhaps the only debris that rocks Dowd’s Gravity.  The review is billed as a spoiler-free version (a spoiler-filled version is linked at the end), yet there are elements provided in the review that the reader would be better off not knowing.

This is fairly inconsequential when considering the Dowd’s Gravity in its entirety. Concise, clear, clever, it is worthy of every click that comes its way.    

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