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Frank Swietek May Cause Perma-Grin in “Escape Plan”

In response to Frank Swietek’s 1130‑word review of Escape Plan on One Guy's Opinion

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Frank Swietek will stun readers worldwide with his comprehensive monster of a review known as “Escape Plan.” Despite the brutal appearance, one will be highly satisfied with the content.

The introduction of Swietek’s Escape Plan offers hilarious visuals for the reader, and the critic effortlessly succeeds with humor by not trying to be too cute. It’s a nice hook for the reader, and the lack of visuals surprisingly come in handy as one can clearly see the beefy paragraphs that will follow.

Swietek moves on with a plot summary and delivers a thought-provoking commentary on social issues tackled by the film. The critic is smart by noting that one may not necessarily pick up on the context, but still careful to note it for his audience.

Swietek’s Escape Plan is successful by conveying original and piercing thoughts on the performances. Swietek understands the needs of the audience, and shows an ability to provide a fun read but also dig deep into analysis of the characters. The critic refuses to offer up only the typical 80s-themed jokes, and instead breaks down the film with precision and skill.

The highlights of Swietek’s Escape Plan center around the leads and the potency of the script, however the critic takes a look at all aspects of the film.

Swietek’s Escape Plan is not visually groundbreaking, but the content is rich and highly original.    

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