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Jamie Graham’s “The Counsellor” Is Thoroughly Engaging

In response to Jamie Graham’s 379‑word review of The Counselor on Total Film

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Jamie Graham’s “The Counsellor” is an audience pleaser that flawlessly transcribes  the world of The Counselor for readers that may still be on the fence about the film.

 Graham utilizes absorbing language to thrust you into the murky chaotic world of The Counselor. The writing really is top notch and Graham ratchets up the intrigue for the film. Structurally, the review  resembles an outline  giving you little hints about the story that the film follows, but never delving too deep into the narrative.

When it comes to spoilers don’t be too surprised  that Graham has spilled a bean or two. However, in terms of magnitude what is actually spoiled is likely minimal, and in many regards it feels like the critic is holding back.

It’s quite evident that Graham himself is still working through the murkiness of the plot, he practically says so much himself. But the critic concedes that he film is worth seeing simply based on the originality of the premise, the colorful cast and the striking visuals. The critic’s argument sits on the side of originality, and there is a strong case to be made for standing behind a film that eschews the typical formula.

Graham’s “The Cousellor” shrouds its subject in a thick air of mystery giving just enough information about the film to make film goers even more rabid about seeing the film.  A worthy read even if it is somewhat revealing.    

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