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Owen Gleiberman’s “Very Minor Payne” Is No Pain at All

In response to Owen Gleiberman’s 1582‑word review of Nebraska on Entertainment Weekly

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Owen Gleiberman’s “Cannes 2013: Alexander Payne’s ‘Nebraska’ is very minor Payne (but still a pleasure). Plus, my Palme d’Or prediction” is a thoughtful piece of literature.

Gleiberman’s review, Very Minor Payne, is a piece that has been carefully crafted and thought out. There are no gimmicks in this piece, there are no places wherein Gleiberman attempts to connect with the audience in an overly candid or humorous way. Very Minor Payne is not concerned with trying to make its readers laugh. Instead, it provides audiences with realistic thoughts about the film as a whole.

The review is slightly long, and at several points due to the intrusion of several ads placed within the read, the conclusion of the review might be falsely assumed.

This review really feels like a genuine, thought provoking discussion rather than a critic’s review of a film. From discussing the history of the directors cinematography, to delving into the genre of the black and white film, Gleiberman really captures a writing style of genuine interest and thoughtful stimulation.

Gleiberman really did his homework for this piece and it shows. This review leaves readers with no worries about unfinished thoughts or a lack of a conclusion. Gleiberman weaves into his thoughts and writes his way right back and into a proper conclusion.

Definitely worth the thought provoking read.    

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