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Puig’s “Kick Ass 2’ Beaten Up by a Stale Story, Relentless Violence” Is a Bona Fide Crowd Pleaser

In response to Claudia Puig’s 583‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on USA Today

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Claudia Puig’s “Kick Ass 2’ beaten up by a stale story, relentless violence” conveys its message loud and clear the first opportunity it gets, the title. Its ironic then that before the reader can even locate the review, a large, nearly full screen trailer begins playing. The automatic nature of the embedded video, and its outrageous size, are out of place, taking from the visitor his agency to opt in or ignore the trailer.

Puig oh-so-cleverly included her star rating within the text. So the interested must be directly engaged with the text to pick it out. Brilliant tactic and a unique twist. She actually reveals it so nonchalantly that one almost reads it over without paying it much attention.

Her review gives the readers options along the way; there are two breaks in the review that include links to other stories and trailers (some having to do with this movie, others not so much).

Puig’s voice is focused and her tone is snarky. There is absolutely no love lost and she avoids tangents to get to the point.

Despite the slight navigational issues in finding this review, it’s well worth the search because Puig Beaten Up by a Stale Story is a very memorable experience.    

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