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Graham Killeen’s “Distinctive Flavor” Is a Complete Joke of a Review

In response to Graham Killeen’s 310‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Ok, Graham Killeen. We understand. You’re a funny guy, but you are also a film critic…right? The latest “review” from Mr. Killeen, “Out of the Furnace simmers with a distinctive flavor,” is one of the more ridiculous reviews in recent memory. It’s a five-minute piece of writing, and one may contemplate if the critic spent more time looking for the header image.

Did Killeen see the film? That is the question. He resorts to observational humor rather than effectively doing his job. The piece is only one Deer Hunter reference away from being a complete cliche. Bruce Springsteen reference? Check (it’s in all the reviews).

Scott Cooper is acknowledged as being the director of the film in Distinctive Flavor, and Killeen notes that actor Casey Affleck “manages to pout his way through every scene he’s in,” and then of course references Batman. . because Christian Bale is Batman. Got it?

Distinctive Flavor is so unbelievably bad that Killeen even fails to produce a little plot summary. It’s much easier for him to make predictable statements based on the setting and character appearances rather than actually give the critique thing a try. The audience will surely be grateful for the supreme amount of dedication to the craft of film criticism.

What a joke.    

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