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Katniss Battles Judi Dench in Bob Mondello’s “Two Heroines”

In response to Bob Mondello’s 613‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on NPR

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Where did you go, Bob Mondello? The critic delivers a mid-review shocker in “Two Very Different Movies, Two Heroines With Spine.” If one doesn’t look closely, the double-review nature of the critic’s work may not immediately be apparent. Just when the critic appears to be warming up, he disappears like Keyser Soze… and just like that (poof)… he’s moved on to Dame Judi Dench.

Mondello hasn’t done anything wrong by doubling up in Two Heroines, but the lack of analysis may be troubling to his audience. One can find comfort in the fact that Mondello offers a Jennifer Lawrence header image rather than a wrinkly Judi Dench.

Two Heroines is definitely entertaining despite the poor critique, and Mondello notes the power of J-Law and Dench in the dynamic open. The critic breaks down the male-dominated world of Hollywood with frightening but truthful words that could easily scare elderly readers. The critic transitions smoothly to summary, but disappoints by naming the new director Francis Lawrence without commenting on his work.

Mondello concludes Two Heroines with flimsy yet mildly entertaining thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence, and then dives right into Dame Dench with ferocity. Readers may be stunned by the lack of Katniss, but like Bobby Brown said “It’s my prerogative.”   

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