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Christopher Orr’s “The World’s End” Is the Review to End All Reviews

In response to Christopher Orr’s 870‑word review of The World's End on The Atlantic

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Christopher Orr propelled himself to the forefront in the running for Reviewer of the Year with ”The World’s End: An Apocalyptic Delight.” Equal parts concise, transporting, passionate, and smart; Orr sets the bar unimaginably high for his contemporaries.

Though the review weighs in a bit hefty compared to lesser men’s works, the critic makes good use of his words. The reader drifts from analogy to analogy truly understanding the reviewers intentions and meaning.

Orr’s passions rise to a crescendo with bawdy language fit for a college coach’s halftime speech to a trailing team. Still, even the most virginesque nun could not take offense to such wording in a work so sweet.

Orr keeps the reader engaged as he seamlessly rehashes the commonly tedious character descriptions. He makes it clear in his closing where he stands in his opinion of The World’s End.

Yet, he somehow manages to temper his stance with a caveat daintily dripped upon his recommendation almost as if proving the validity of his stance by acknowledging flaws.

If the Great Bard himself were to review this film, there would be scant chance he would come close to this masterpiece. If you read only one review this year, make sure you read Orr’s treatment of The World’s End.    

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