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Rich Cline’s “Ender’s Game Movie Review” Is Blunt and Delightful

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Rich Cline’s “Ender’s Game Movie Review” is a breath of fresh air. It dares to examine the movie. Alone. Nothing about the book it was based on. Nothing about the author and whatever controversies he’s had. If you’d read this review, you’d think it was about a movie.

The opening paragraph smacks readers with a problem inherent in the picture (the focus on games and simulation) and, like the film, ramps up the excitement as Cline starts to let his joy for the film flesh out the review with enthusiasm.

What’s best about the energy here is that it is not related to anything else. Not X-Men Origins: Wolverine, not another movie with a similar plot (this is a Harry Potter free-zone, thankfully). Instead the plot, the struggle, Ender’s insanely tough choices, the grim world of the future where kids are the soldiers, all is crisply delivered and imbibed.

There’s also a neat unpacking of the central theme of the story, one that creates a huge ethical problem, which is well conveyed.

Cline includes the usual fare of casting analysis and such, but the heart of the matter is that the review was about a film he clearly enjoyed, and, to top it off, speaks to the 12-year-old boys who are its target audience. Sometimes, the simplest reviews are best.    

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