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Robert Denerstein’s “Ender’s Game” Brings the Film Down to Earth

In response to Robert Denerstein’s 818‑word review of Ender’s Game on Movie Habit

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Robert Denerstein’s “Ender’s Game” is cautiously optimistic about the film as the writer bothers to curb his and his audience’s enthusiasm over the hype surrounding the adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s Sci-fi opus.

The writing exceeds expectation yet there is a nagging sense of overly expository prose that covers a great deal of the review. There is plenty of plot filler within this review and that takes points away from the writing as the centerpiece of any good review should not be the plot but the critic’s opinion about the film. In this case, opinion takes second place quite graciously to the over zealous outline. When not covering the events of the film the writing is exceptional from the standpoints of both content and mechanics.

The writer’s stoic and clinical response to the film is nothing new but in it’s execution there is the sober reality that the film while, dazzling and well acted, can be seen as hollow and needing a bit more depth in order for it to achieve the status of a Sci Fi classic.

Denerstein’s review is a mixed bag. There are glimmers of brilliance and other instances where you will be left scratching your head.  Denerstein’s “Ender’s Game” gets a cautious recommendation at best.    

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