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Eric Melin’s “Technical Achievement” Knows No Borders

In response to Eric Melin’s 557‑word review of Gravity on

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Eric Melin writes such a fantastic review in “Thrilling Gravity More Than Just A Technical Achievement” that one will likely wish for it to never end.

Visually, Technical Achievement is one of the best. The images are bold and beautiful, and  the critic offers not one, but two YouTube videos. One may it all a bit too much to handle, but should recognize the care that Melin has put into the work.

Technical Achievement keeps one thinking from the start with dynamic phrasing and crisp sentences. The pacing of Melin is outstanding, however one may wish for the critic to stray from his structure at times. Regardless, Melin touches on the main points, and one will be pleased with analysis that reaches beyond normal description.

Technical Achievement is one of those rare reviews that poses questions that touch the soul. The critic looks beyond the normal structures of storytelling and contemplates deeper meanings, while simultaneously providing a substantial amount of information on the acting, directing and scriptwriting.

The absence of Clooney in Technical Achievement is disappointing. Melin’s work does not suffer drastically, but the lack of information on one of two leads doesn’t show a full understanding of the reader’s needs.

Overall, Technical Achievement is a beautiful piece of work, and will make one think beyond the basics of what they see.    

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