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Kam Williams Offers Two Sentences of Critique in “Forced to Compete”

In response to Kam Williams’s 377‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Baret News

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Kam Williams throws a serious wrench at the concept of critique in “Sequel Finds Katniss Forced to Compete in Another Death Match.” Seven paragraphs are offered to the reader, and the last two sentences contain the only critique to be found in the entire review. If you didn’t know any better, you might suspect Williams has won some sort of contest that allowed him to get the “critique” published (by being the only entrant).

Forced to Compete has a small amount of value if one is looking for background on the series. Elderly folk may be pleased by the review, along with people who don’t watch movies. Williams does a fine job of summing it all up and restraining himself from producing original thoughts. It’s a perfect crafting for hermits who like to keep up with the haps of cinema.

Once Williams finishes recapping the original film in Forced to Compete, he moves on to three average paragraphs on the sequel. Only there is a surprise twist—Williams ends the review after two sentences of criticism. It’s a complete shocker, and the audience will undoubtedly laugh hysterically before experiencing various forms of anger and frustration.

Is Forced to Compete a big joke? Unfortunately, it appears to be a real effort at… something. Williams literally reviews the action. Director Francis Lawrence is completely tossed aside without a mention, and nothing is said about the actors’ performances. It’s a complete waste of time.

Kam Williams should read a few other reviews and try to understand what it means to critique a film.    

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