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Colin Covert Is an Asgard Insider in “Pure Pop-Art”

In response to Colin Covert’s 681‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Colin Covert delivers a real treat with his latest work, “Third Thor is pure pop-art, comic book joy.” The critic has found a zone, which could be the result of intense Thor nerddom or perhaps several Red Bulls. Regardless, Covert has arguably produced his finest work in weeks.

Covert sets the tone in Pure Pop-Art with an energetic opening paragraph. The pleasant writing is easy on the eyes, and the critic’s use of “Joyous Pop Art” is pure magic. The writing is tight and Covert keeps the keystroke train just a-chuggin’ along until the final word.

Structure and flow is key in Pure Pop-Art. Some call it “Classic Covert Hustle and Flow” while others maintain its the result of long hours of hard work, but Covert has it going on and each sentence is like a giant literary hammer of splendor.

The entirety of Pure Pop-Art is clear with the audience, and the analysis is on point especially in regard to the final hour. Covert breaks down Asgard like he lives there, and some may believe that Thor is a close person friend of the critic. The work says “I’m an Asgard insider,” and Thor geeks will surely be jealous yet touched. Each paragraph is key to the overall argument, and Covert swings down his mighty hammer of precision writing with fury.

Pure Pop-Art is Pop Art poetry that will potentially paralyze the mind due to the pure power of the written word.    

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