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“Captive Audience” by Ed Gibbs Should Be Recognized Worldwide

In response to Ed Gibbs’s 486‑word review of Prisoners on The Sun Herald

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Ed Gibbs has created an excellent piece of work with “Prisoner review: captive audience.” The critic’s dazzling artistic vision will help restore the faith of disgruntled readers worldwide.

Captive Audience displays an incredible understanding of how to create a suspenseful and enlightening review. At the top is a striking visual that helps set the tone, and although the overall appearance of Captive Audience is not mind-boggling, the opening image is sufficient enough, given the rich content.

Ed Gibbs introduces the reader to the main players one by one: director, screenwriter and cast. It’s all for you, reader, and one must appreciate the kind gesture of Gibbs. Captive Audience has been crafted with special care, and the critic offers a comfortable read.

After covering the essentials, Gibbs moves on to a brief plot summary, and proceeds to  make his mark with an outstanding take on the themes of the film. The critic correlates the work to modern society, and is keen to note the dark content that may frighten the naive ticket-buyer.

Although Gibbs doesn’t dig deep to provide an all-out comprehensive take on the lead characters in, he does note the importance of Hugh Jackman’s performance, and perhaps the significance to the actor as a human being.

Captive Audience is a real treat, and should be promoted worldwide.    

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