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“Starring Sylvester” Is Worthwhile Despite Annoying Snark by Travis Hopson

In response to Travis Hopson’s 932‑word review of Escape Plan on

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Travis Hopsons sticks to his guns in the entertaining while highly annoying “Movie Review: Escape Plan Starring Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Starring Sylvester opens on a bad note with the usual snarky reference to the glory days of the two leads. Hopson seems to believe that he is offering some sort of original thought, or comedy for that matter, as opposed to being annoying. Although the critic tames down the aggressive snark as the review progresses, one may unfortunately be turned off by the halfway point as Hopson appears more angry than composed.

Overall, Starring Sylvester is a comprehensive and enjoyable piece of work if one can get past the tone of the critic. Hopson has provided a rich experience for the reader, and clearly has a fondness for his audience. Not only does the critic thoroughly dissect the plot, but also offers up a social commentary that many will enjoy.

Starring Sylvester poses enlightening questions to the reader, and is fair with with the piercing criticism. Hopson refuses to let any small detail slip by, and is careful to not only note the importance of plot devices, but also to point out what is unnecessary.

The character analysis of Starring Sylvester isn’t unforgettable, but the critic says enough to inform the reader that most will be satisfied. The lengthy look at the plot of the film is the real highlight of the review.

Starring Sylvester starts off on a bad note, but Travis Hopson stays true to himself and the audience and ends up delivering an outstanding performance.    

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