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Witney Seibold Hits the Nail on the Head in “Second Opinion: Thor”

In response to Witney Seibold’s 1065‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on CraveOnline

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Witney Seibold takes a different tack in his review, “Second Opinion: Thor: The Dark World,” focusing his energy, at least initially, on an examination of the Thunder God’s place in the pantheon of super heroes. If this sounds like giddy fanboy forum fodder, it’s not.

Seibold isn’t interested in the minutia of the Marvel universe, only at how accepted all this weird Norse God stuff has become.

It has nothing to do with the film at hand, but Seibold makes an interesting case and can be forgiven for this little dalliance because he makes it a continuing thread throughout the piece and ties it to his critique in meaningful ways.

Seibold whips out every synonym for crazy that the English language has to offer (and some that may not—bugnuts and gookum come to mind). It’s all very funny and it serves the tone perfectly, so that when readers get to the critique, there’s no lull in the action.

There are spoilers aplenty (as in, almost everything that can be spoiled, is) but, thanks to an editor’s note, you’re warned of this before heading in so there’s not much room for gripes.

If you don’t mind the spoilers, this one is a hearty little treat.    

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