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Erin Free Slaps Together a Few Thoughts in “The Counselor”

In response to Erin Free’s 411‑word review of The Counselor on FILMINK (Australia)

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Reader, are you ready for an appetizer of film criticism? Behold “The Counselor” by Erin Free. The three paragraphs will satisfy your desire for vague statements, and one might even find a tiny amount of pleasure in the light analysis.

It’s not that Free’s The Counselor is horrible, it’s not, but Erin Free simply doesn’t try hard enough. If three paragraphs of thin critique is enough for the critic, then one can only wish her luck living in the land of mediocrity.

Character analysis is thrown out the window in Free’s The Counselor. The critique is far from hard-hitting, and one has nothing to take away from the work because it’s no different than any other three-paragraph production. One will surely enjoy the noteworthy open on director Ridley Scott, but the rest is pure fluff.

Free’s The Counselor clearly fails to understand the general reader’s needs, and the lack of effort doesn’t allow one to become invested in the work. Free rattles off character names without actually offering any real insight, and the  whole work is just more of the same packaged content that can be found anywhere.

Free’s The Counselor is mediocre, and all one has to do is read the three paragraphs to see that.    

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