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Steven D. Greydanus’s “SDG Reviews ‘Gravity’” Is a Religious Experience

In response to Steven D. Greydanus’s 1436‑word review of Gravity on Decent Films Guide

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Steven D. Greydanus’s epic-length “SDG Reviews ‘Gravity’” is an often off-topic analysis of a film viewed through religion-colored glasses.  

SDG Reviews is not aided at all by its attempt to set world records for its magnitude. The bulk of the treatment leaves the atmosphere of film reviews to enter an analysis of space travel in general. Half of its size is devoted to a review of all films that have attempted to capture zero gravity and how they did it. This is helpful for a hobby boy, but readers wanting to learn about Gravity aren’t necessarily interested in zero gravity.

Before its finale, SDG Reviews diverts again from the mission of examining Gravity in favor of a “Where’s Waldo?” search for religious themes in the film and space exploration in general. This only serves to alienate readers who stuck it out through the previous hurdles.

To its credit, SDG Reviews keeps the cards close to the chest for the most part in describing the narrative, revealing only slightly more information than the reader needs.

In the end, SDG Reviews requires a time commitment. The commitment is not worth it unless the reader plans on writing a school report on space travel in movies and how it relates to religion.    

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