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Ann Hornaday’s “Crime Drama” Offers Elegant Essentials for Hornies

In response to Ann Hornaday’s 487‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Washington Post

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Ann Hornaday covers the basics in the commercial “Out of the Furnace movie review: Bale, Affleck dominate downbeat crime drama.” The piece will not melt any faces, but the excellent prose saves the day for Hornies worldwide.

Deer Hunter reference? Check. Bruce Springsteen reference? Fail. Hornaday was so close to accomplishing the classic review of cliches with Crime Drama. The piece has everything for the hungry reader of reviews, but the content will surely upset the connoisseurs.

The character analysis of Crime Drama is satisfactory, although Hornaday fails to transcend with her two sentence breakdowns. Despite this sad fact, the statement on Christian Bale’s “mini-master class in the art of screen acting” is comparable to the first taste of a great French wine.

Director Scott Cooper is given a brief mention in Crime Drama as Hornaday notes his gift for “conveying atmosphere,” however the reference ultimately serves as a transition into the cast. The critic shows a lack of commitment to serious critique, but fortunately her writing is resplendent as always.

Ann Hornaday is a fine film critic, but Crime Drama simply lacks depth. The critic attempts to be profound in the final paragraph, but the good-bad-sad-stupid commentary is just an easy way to wrap up the good-but-not-great review.

Crime Drama has value, but Hornaday must know that she can do better.    

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