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Vincent Mancini Is the Lenny Bruce of Film Criticism in “Reality Show”

In response to Vincent Mancini’s 1243‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on FilmDrunk

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Vince Mancini produces a highly entertaining piece of work with the expansive “Catching Fire Review: The Future is a Reality Show.” The critic dishes out nicknames with a consistently cutesy tone, and one can find plenty of LOL moments to enjoy. The Mancini Mania could potentially break the internet one day.

Reality Show is unique due to the Good Time Charlie tone of Mancini. The review connoisseur may scoff at the loose style, however the critic makes it work with a one-thousand plus word critique. The effort cannot be denied, and Mancini keeps the reader hooked with humor that never crosses the line by becoming flat out annoying. However, the heavy load of “Cat Nips” and “Pita Bread” definitely pushes it to the edge.

Mancini does an excellent job of breaking down the reality show quality and the metaphor for America’s fascination with celebrity. The critic explores the supporting cast with deep critique, which allows the reader to understand the characters’ importance (or non-importance) to the film. One will certainly find value in Mancini’s commentary on the paranoia factor of Panem.

The most entertaining moment of Reality Show comes near end, when Mancini pleads with action directors to stop portraying their protagonists as Christ-like figures. One will undoubtedly be moved by the passion and use off all caps.

Reality Show is not only thought-provoking, but offers plenty of laughs. Vince Mancini is a modern Lenny Bruce of film criticism.    

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