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Mark R. Leeper’s “GRAVITY” Is a Visual Disaster Yet Pure in Thought

In response to Mark R. Leeper’s 875‑word review of Gravity on Mark Leeper's Reviews

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Mark R. Leeper crafts a technically sound review in “GRAVITY (a film review by Mark R. Leeper),” and brings a unique perspective to the audience despite its uniquely horrible appearance.

The visuals of GRAVITY must be dealt with immediately. There are times when one will look at a web page and think, “Well, there is not much to see, but I get to focus the words.” For those who enjoy that experience, prepare to never enjoy it again.  The presentation by Mark R. Leeper is unbelievably horrific. It’s not even a strange blend of colors and poor visuals, but rather nothing. The page is so white that one may immediately believe they are looking at some strange review afterlife. It’s disconcerting to say the least.  GRAVITY  is quite all right in regard to the content, but Leeper needs to brainstorm immediately about the appearance.

Leeper may come across a bit nerdish to some, and perhaps nit-picky at times, however most will certainly recognize that the critic is a great Sci-Fi mind. Leeper offers a unique twist with a personal touch, and will make audiences contemplate the specifics of the film from a new angle. At the end of the day all one wants is to be intellectually stimulated.

Mark R. Leeper hasn’t broken new ground with GRAVITY , but the work is relevant, and most will walk away with a fresh perspective. If Leeper is able to add anything to the appearance, then he may become a talent to watch.    

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